Patio and Garden Bench Shopping Tips

Hello patio and garden furniture shoppers, being a consumer of outdoor products myself, I can tell you how frustrating it can be. While doing product and information research for this article, we have viewed a wide range of products, contacted suppliers, finding out mostly that it`s all about the sale. We will pass on many helpful tips and information to help you make good decisions before placing your order. Don`t get too overwhelmed by all the great deals and offers, common sense is the key for making good product selections. When shopping for outdoor products, some basic concerns are: what style of furniture are you looking for, are the products of good quality design?. Decide what products are practical for residential or commercial use, and what is good value. Always do good research before placing your order.

Construction and design of outdoor patio benches, materials of choice.

Many bench selections are available on the market, different styles, materials, and designs. A good choice of material is recycled plastic, very durable and virtually maintenance free. Available are products in many colors and design options, recycled plastic is environmentally friendly and will last for years. The market place offers recycled plastic patio benches, rockers, dual seating glider benches and unique selections, some are crafted to look like wood with the benefit of no maintenance. Another great choice is cedar material, proven to last and always stylish making a very attractive outdoor addition.Cedar has fibers that contain oil and act as natural preservatives, helping to resist rot and decay. Cedar garden and patio benches are available with routed edges, finely sanded finish, and custom designs. The choice of teak wood is excellent, more expensive, but is an extremely dense course grained hardwood known to last, choose cedar or teak wood, guaranteed to last for years. Lower cost wood products like pine, and cheaper hardwoods are available, choose the product that will last. When shopping for outdoor benches made of metal, check the description details of the bench for design and crafting information. Make sure the bench appears to be of solid construction, order the bench that will hold the weight that is required for your needs. Metal has come a long way, available are powder coated and other rust resistant finishes, hardware can be stainless steel, or other protective coatings designed to prevent rust. Buying a solid construction bench is a good and safe choice.

Before placing your order for outdoor furniture, review this check list of questions.

  • Is the outdoor product you are looking at made of good quality construction and design.
  • Will the bench or outdoor product keep it`s shape and color in the climate you live.
  • Is the material of choice practical for residential or commercial use.
  • Is the product you are ordering made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Does the supplier offer warranty on all product sales.
  • Is the supplier able to answer all questions you may have
  • Does the supplier offer free shipping, if not ask.