Outdoor Garden Tiki Torches – Cool Summer Evenings in a Hot Summer Thanks to Styling Tiki Torches

Yes, really cool, really styling tiki torches. No more bamboo stakes, no more tacky lights… these outdoor torches will do more than light up your nights. They’ll transform your yard and summer evenings. Not familiar with today’s tiki torches? Well, let’s introduce you! Here are some questions to get you started.

What colors do you have in your yard?

Let’s re-phrase that: besides green grass and flowers, what colors have you chosen to decorate your yard with? Think about the colors of:
Your house siding
Any fencing, patios and decks
Walkways: concrete, treated wood, bricks, pavers, etc.
Patio and deck furniture
Flower pots, bird feeders, etc.

Do you have a committed color scheme in your yard, or is it anything-goes coloring? Once you know you can begin selecting your new one… yes, they come in great colors now: cobalt blue, bronze, red, black, green, steel, amber, copper, smoked glass, honey brown, ocean blue, clear glass….

What kind of finish do you want?

Great tiki light colors in a variety of materials: glass, copper, and steel – even a selection of mosaic tiki torches!

Do you have a copper roof or trim? That’s your answer: you’ve got to have matching copper lighting!

Lots of stained wood on your deck and porch? No problem – metal outdoor torches come in caramel, honey brown, bronze, or an antiqued finish.

For a traditional look you may want black finished tiki light. For a little different look some black one have clear glass fuel containers!

Mosaic tiki torches? Yes – and in a variety of colors. Try a mirror mosaic to add sparkle to your night and day!
And of course there are several tiki collection with the cool finishes of pewter, stainless steel and nickel plating.

What size works best in your yard?

Yes, let’s repeat that: what size tiki torch do you want? That means you’re not stuck with just the bamboo stick anymore. Have you heard about deck torches? At 36 inches tall they attach securely to your deck railing. That means you don’t need grass to set up a tiki torch anymore! How about a set of garden tiki torches? At 16 and 17 inches high you can light up the garden, all the paths and your yard! This size is perfect around your ponds too.

And a favorite: the table torch. Twelve inches tall and more than big enough to light your gatherings, you can match any table setting with the style and color selections available.

Okay, and yes, the traditional tall staked tiki torch. Because we still love them, and we can pair them with other sizes now. Between 60 and 72 inches tall, they still look fabulous in your yard!

Well, that should give you an idea how far garden torches have come… will they make it to your house this summer?