In the Garden With Metalwork Artist Jon Watson

Artist Jon Watson came into his metalwork profession as a result of collaborating his love of metal sculpture and the natural, organic world of plants and gardens.

That’s because decades of sitting at a desk in front of a computer can make you think. About a lot of things. Like gardening. Nature. Organic living. About the overgrown, rich rural plantlife of your childhood in Georgia, and your current view of mostly-brown Arizona. And think about how your life got to this point.

Makes some folks do crazy things. Like walk away from their careers to learn something new – like welding. Artist Jon Watson walked away from 20 years in marketing . . . to learn to weld. He took a year off to train under a professional welder, and then did an unpaid internship with an industrial welding company before finally striking out on his own.

Pretty crazy. Jon admits it was really scary – probably the biggest gamble he ever took. But it worked. Each of Jon’s pieces feels natural, organic, a part of your deepest inner self. And keeping with the gardening/nature theme, all his work is made of welded steel, of course, a natural compound that can handle your weather year-round with little maintenance.

But metal gardens, Jon? Yup. Because he really likes the look of metal sculpture. And it works. Jon’s art is sold all over the U.S. Think about it: anyone brave enough to walk away from a desk job to make metal art can probably do pretty much whatever he wants successfully!

He hand crafts each of his designs in his eclectic collection of metal art. His line of lighting fixtures – from a handmade steel funky lamp to swirling and flaming wall sconces and on to a fabulous upscale table lamp – is truly an enlightening experience in the world of natural creativity. You can immediately see the influence of nature, gardens and plants in each of his works.

Jon’s home now, out of the office and into his shop-garden. His title isn’t corporate anymore, but a simpler one he’s donned himself: the gardener. Just think of Jon, happier than he’s ever been, puttering around his shop, welding instead of weeding, trimming and pruning his steel work before he sets it out for you to enjoy.