Tarot Gardening – The Beckoning Spiritual Shop

The outside of ones spiritual shop beckons to cars or strollers in the area of who you are, what they may expect inside the shop and how they will be treated once inside. A plain uninteresting entrance or yard represents mediocreship. A fascinating and eye appealing entrance is remembered and offers a clue of the individuality and care the light worker inside will give. To create an inviting spiritual entrance a few elements of sight, sound and balance should be considered.

  • Sculpture that depicts ones life mission {Art}
  • Chimes that speak the voice of your spirit {Sound}
  • Floral and herbs {Color and Scent}
  • Feng Shui energy principles {Balance}
  • Tarot or spiritual communication tools {Spirit}

We all understand that the way we take care of our body greatly influences our health and attitude. In this same way, years of historical experiences occurring on a piece of land takes its toll on the growth of foliage and the energetic way we feel when we are standing on it. For this reason I suggest the first thing to do when planning a spiritual entrance or shop yard It really does not matter what tool you use to get to know your garden spirit. Whether you arrange a spiritual gathering alone or with a group of light workers that combine their gifts with Tarot, Runes, Crystals or pure Channeling, here are some questions to ask your garden spirit.


  • Who are you? What do you want us to know about you?
  • Are you male, female or animal?
  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • How can we best honor you?

If the answers you receive are positive it will give you an idea of the kind of entrance you may want to design, or whether to have an energetic cleansing first. Remember that land spirit has been here much longer then you have been and it is always a good idea to honor history. Harmonizing with your land spirit increases the potential for happiness, success, friends and profit.

If the reading on the land indicates much sadness, anger or despair you would be wise to perform a clearing with sage, drums and bells. Think of the ancient Native Americans and the bond with the land they held sacred. In this same way, so should you honor the land your shop sits on by releasing its blocked, stagnant historical pressure. You may do this ceremony alone, or hire someone else to lead. It would be wise to be present as the clearing is taking place.


What is your personal life mission? How did the reading on your land resonate with your goal? Choose an aesthetically pleasing symbol of what you and your garden spirit stand for as Light Workers. You may also, instead of a sculpture, choose a pleasing bench or swing for friends to sit on, a kinetic wind wheel, or a garden gate entrance into your realm.


The sound of your wind chimes represents your voice. Be cautious of representing your self through out of tune, clanging noise. If you must have more then one set of chimes, make sure they harmonize like a choir. The sound of bamboo is a subtle voice that can harmonize with metal, ceramic or glass wind chimes.


When applying Feng Shui to the entrance of your spiritual shop, there are specific colors and artistic elements related to energy. Here is a list of the energetic mediums, colors and directions to enhance your entrance.

North (compass reading from 337.5 to 22.5)

  1. Feng Shui Art Element: Water
  2. Flower Colors: Blue and Black
  3. Life Area: Career and Path

Northeast (compass reading from 22.5 to 67.5)

  1. Feng Shui Art Element: Earth {clay}
  2. Flower Colors: Beige, Light Yellow, and Sandy/Earth Colors
  3. Life Area: Spiritual Growth and Personal Wisdom

East (compass reading from 67.5 to 112.5)

  1. Feng Shui Art Element:Wood
  2. Flower Colors: Brown and Green
  3. Life Area: Health and Family

Southeast (compass reading from 112.5 to 157.5)

  1. Feng Shui Art Element: Wood
  2. Flower Colors: Brown and Green
  3. Life Area: Money and Abundance

South (compass reading from 157.5 to 202.5)

  1. Feng Shui Art Element: Fire {fire-place, fire pit, tiki torches}
  2. Flower Colors: Red, Orange, Purple, Pink and Bright Yellow
  3. Life Area: Fame and Reputation

Southwest (compass reading from 202.5 to 247.5)

  1. Feng Shui Art Element: Earth {clay}
  2. Flower Colors: Beige, Light Yellow, and Wheat /Earthy
  3. Life Area: Love and Marriage

West (compass reading from 247.5 to 292.5)

  1. Feng Shui Art Element: Metal
  2. Flower Colors: White and Gray
  3. Life Area: Creativity and Children

For sunny shop entrances, plant an herbal pathway to your door and fill window boxes with lovely scented flowers or herbs. Envelop your clients and visitors in the sweet aroma of Basil, Lavender or Thyme. All pathways should be free of clutter for energy to flow in and out of your shop. There is nothing quite as evasive to clients as the smell of cigarettes or kitty boxes as they walk in a home based business. Living with bad smells gives the impression you may live with bad patterns, an indication you do not walk your talk as a spiritual light worker. Your “persona” and “representation” is marketed through your entrance or yard and is the inspiration for people driving or walking by your beckoning spiritual shop.

Shopping Online

Shopping habits of people:

As we know, shopping is necessary for everyone of us. In a life time, one would spend a quite an amount of time in shopping. Some really enjoy shopping. Some are even addicted to it. Thus, this activity is inevitable. Different researches are conducted to know the buying habits of people. These statistics help the researchers, assess the buying patterns of different people. It greatly helps them to identify the different categories of potential buyers. The frequency of buying a product, the age factor in determining the need to buy a specific product, the brand consciousness in buying a product, the preferences of people to buy online or through personal shopping, the seasons for demands on a product are some of the aspects that determine the buying patterns of individuals. So, the buying habits are really important to analyze the need and to meet the requirements of the buyers.

The old trend in shopping:

Before developing the concept of Internet shopping, there were many constraints. Customers did not have the freedom to shop for 24 hours a day and needed to wait for the shop to open. Customers needed to visit a shop for product knowledge and were forced to choose from the limited availability of products. If not satisfied with the products in a shop, the customer needed to search for another shop, inquiring and traveling to find one. Customers had no other choice, but to repeat the whole process again and again, till they found the product needed. These searches really wasted their precious time. People get tired while doing a shopping in person – from driving in the heavy traffic, finding a place to park the vehicle, opting from a limited choices available in a shop, to queuing for the payment in the counter.

Why would one shop online?

In the recant years, the number of people shopping over the Internet is remarkably increasing. Why? Because of the many advantages. With the help of Internet, one can have a self analysis by comparing the prices of a product or commodity, offered by different sellers. The same way one can analyze the quality, the seller behavior, the product availability and the reputation of a dealer through good reviews available via the Internet.

The best part is, one can be free from the crowd while shopping. One need not get ready and take the car to drive through huge traffic, for a purchase. There is no parking problem, while shopping over the Internet. One need not wait for the shop to open, to buy a product. One need not wait in the billing section to make payments. The buying can be in a relaxed manner. One need not bother about the closing of shops on holidays. And one can take the time to analyze and opt for the best, among the many choices available from different dealers. This was not the case when the Internet shopping was not available.

The things necessary for shopping online would be a computer with Internet connection and an unexpired credit or debit card. There are no hassles during an online shopping, unlike shopping done personally. Therefore, people who prefer a hassle free shopping, are comfortable with this virtual shopping.

Remarkable Personalized Wedding Gifts

Whenever you are invited to a wedding, whether it’s for a close or distant friend or relative, you should always carry with you a special gift. With the markets already over-saturated with wedding gifts, you must be in dilemma on the most appropriate gift to buy. Well, if you are thinking of buying a remarkable wedding gift from any of these shops, you are mistaken. In order to leave a mark on the lives of the newlyweds, you ought to give them personalized wedding gifts. At such, they won’t have to guess on who gave them the gift; they will immediately know that it’s from you.

Small gift packs like flower vases, flower pots, charm bracelets, table wear, table mats, paintings and wall hangings make extemporary personalized wedding gifts. The secret to getting the one that is truly -special is to have the bride/groom in mind when buying/designing them. You don’t need to spend so much on a gift that will be thrown in the trash after a week. If for instance the couple likes the wild game, getting them paintings of wild animals would do great. However, you should never pick a gift that does not conform to one’s personality. Among smokers for instance, getting one a smoke pipe would be great, but to a non-smoker, it would be reflected as an insult.

If the gift is meant for the couple, a lamp-stand is most appropriate. In order to add that sense of personification to it, you can ask someone make it for you and add extra details that the couple appreciates. But, first of all enquire on what the couple likes best. The colors used for such gifts should be neutral. A gift that is more girlish is less likely to be embraced by the man. It’s best to give presents that compliment the couple’s favorite colors so as to leave a more positive impact on them. No matter how remarkable a gift is, if it is of a less preferred color, it will most definitely receive less appreciation.

Antique gifts too make very good personalized wedding gifts. Antique carvings, mirrors or chandeliers will not only be appreciated by the couple but also by the future generations. If even possible, you may give them an antique/vintage car model-there is no way how they can forget that. Other personalized wedding gifts that may be given to the couple include magazine holders, make-up kit to the bride, motorbike to the groom or even vacation tickets to their favorite destination.

Though not very necessary, it wouldn’t hurt to sign a name below the gift. That way, you will always be remembered. One can therefore choose to have the gift personalized by the creator/manufacturer or just personalize it themselves. But just in case you need to save on cost, you can make your own gift. Artistic works are believed to last the longest and, don’t require as much money to come up with. With a little spare time, dedication and creativity, you can create very special personalized wedding gifts that will always be remembered by the couple.