Decorate Your Garden Without Breaking Your Bank

Have an Idea in Mind

It helps to have an idea of the theme or motif that you want to create before you begin to shop. Gardening magazines and websites are a great place to begin, but don’t be afraid to step out on your own and be creative. Do you want your garden to reflect your artistic side? Maybe you are looking for a more romantic touch. Whatever your tastes, here are some novel ways to spruce up your garden without spending a fortune to do it.

Flea Markets and Thrift Stores

You can find a wealth of ideas for your garden by scoping out your local thrift stores and flea markets. Look for old things to make new again. A child’s wagon is a playful and fun planter for flowers and perennials. A little bit of ingenuity can change the face of old fixtures like an old claw foot bath-tub into unique and artistic accent pieces for your garden.

Small boxes and containers can be reawakened with some arts and crafts supplies that you can hang in your trees and convert into bird feeders. Even old bottles and jars can be given new life and add a little magic to your garden.

Find Free Bricks and Stones

Create walk ways and borders for your flower and plant beds by looking through classifieds for curbside treasures. Always be careful, and go with a friend, but surplus bricks are often given away at deeply discounted prices or even for free. Ask the foreman at a construction site what they plan on doing with their left-over bricks. Selling them to you at a discount saves them from having to clan them up!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Natural beauty can be found anywhere there is a beach or pathway through the woods. Driftwood that has been sanded and polished by the ocean can be shaped into tables and chairs, or be used to hang planters from. Polished glass and stones are great for use in mosaics, and also add flair and color to your flower beds.

Don’t Forget the Side of the Road

Remember that old tractor tire that you have driven past every day on your way to work? Not only are they great as the classic tire swing, they can also be used to create different levels in your flower beds (when stacked) as an interesting and artistic planter. Give your tire a good soapy hosing let it dry in the sun. Have some fun with some paint and then let it form a ring around a flower bed.

Check Your Garage and Attic for Buried Treasure

Convert your ‘garbage’ into art and liven up your garden! Old furniture, containers and found objects can be converted into unique and whimsical accent pieces. Recreate dresser drawers into plant boxes and drizzle some of those maria-gras beads in the branches of your trees,

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can accomplish in your back yard. Decorating your garden on a budget is not only do-able, it can be lots of fun! New concepts and ideas can be found almost anywhere you look.

Shopping Online

Shopping habits of people:

As we know, shopping is necessary for everyone of us. In a life time, one would spend a quite an amount of time in shopping. Some really enjoy shopping. Some are even addicted to it. Thus, this activity is inevitable. Different researches are conducted to know the buying habits of people. These statistics help the researchers, assess the buying patterns of different people. It greatly helps them to identify the different categories of potential buyers. The frequency of buying a product, the age factor in determining the need to buy a specific product, the brand consciousness in buying a product, the preferences of people to buy online or through personal shopping, the seasons for demands on a product are some of the aspects that determine the buying patterns of individuals. So, the buying habits are really important to analyze the need and to meet the requirements of the buyers.

The old trend in shopping:

Before developing the concept of Internet shopping, there were many constraints. Customers did not have the freedom to shop for 24 hours a day and needed to wait for the shop to open. Customers needed to visit a shop for product knowledge and were forced to choose from the limited availability of products. If not satisfied with the products in a shop, the customer needed to search for another shop, inquiring and traveling to find one. Customers had no other choice, but to repeat the whole process again and again, till they found the product needed. These searches really wasted their precious time. People get tired while doing a shopping in person – from driving in the heavy traffic, finding a place to park the vehicle, opting from a limited choices available in a shop, to queuing for the payment in the counter.

Why would one shop online?

In the recant years, the number of people shopping over the Internet is remarkably increasing. Why? Because of the many advantages. With the help of Internet, one can have a self analysis by comparing the prices of a product or commodity, offered by different sellers. The same way one can analyze the quality, the seller behavior, the product availability and the reputation of a dealer through good reviews available via the Internet.

The best part is, one can be free from the crowd while shopping. One need not get ready and take the car to drive through huge traffic, for a purchase. There is no parking problem, while shopping over the Internet. One need not wait for the shop to open, to buy a product. One need not wait in the billing section to make payments. The buying can be in a relaxed manner. One need not bother about the closing of shops on holidays. And one can take the time to analyze and opt for the best, among the many choices available from different dealers. This was not the case when the Internet shopping was not available.

The things necessary for shopping online would be a computer with Internet connection and an unexpired credit or debit card. There are no hassles during an online shopping, unlike shopping done personally. Therefore, people who prefer a hassle free shopping, are comfortable with this virtual shopping.

Patio and Garden Bench Shopping Tips

Hello patio and garden furniture shoppers, being a consumer of outdoor products myself, I can tell you how frustrating it can be. While doing product and information research for this article, we have viewed a wide range of products, contacted suppliers, finding out mostly that it`s all about the sale. We will pass on many helpful tips and information to help you make good decisions before placing your order. Don`t get too overwhelmed by all the great deals and offers, common sense is the key for making good product selections. When shopping for outdoor products, some basic concerns are: what style of furniture are you looking for, are the products of good quality design?. Decide what products are practical for residential or commercial use, and what is good value. Always do good research before placing your order.

Construction and design of outdoor patio benches, materials of choice.

Many bench selections are available on the market, different styles, materials, and designs. A good choice of material is recycled plastic, very durable and virtually maintenance free. Available are products in many colors and design options, recycled plastic is environmentally friendly and will last for years. The market place offers recycled plastic patio benches, rockers, dual seating glider benches and unique selections, some are crafted to look like wood with the benefit of no maintenance. Another great choice is cedar material, proven to last and always stylish making a very attractive outdoor addition.Cedar has fibers that contain oil and act as natural preservatives, helping to resist rot and decay. Cedar garden and patio benches are available with routed edges, finely sanded finish, and custom designs. The choice of teak wood is excellent, more expensive, but is an extremely dense course grained hardwood known to last, choose cedar or teak wood, guaranteed to last for years. Lower cost wood products like pine, and cheaper hardwoods are available, choose the product that will last. When shopping for outdoor benches made of metal, check the description details of the bench for design and crafting information. Make sure the bench appears to be of solid construction, order the bench that will hold the weight that is required for your needs. Metal has come a long way, available are powder coated and other rust resistant finishes, hardware can be stainless steel, or other protective coatings designed to prevent rust. Buying a solid construction bench is a good and safe choice.

Before placing your order for outdoor furniture, review this check list of questions.

  • Is the outdoor product you are looking at made of good quality construction and design.
  • Will the bench or outdoor product keep it`s shape and color in the climate you live.
  • Is the material of choice practical for residential or commercial use.
  • Is the product you are ordering made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Does the supplier offer warranty on all product sales.
  • Is the supplier able to answer all questions you may have
  • Does the supplier offer free shipping, if not ask.